Frequently Asked Questions

How much do vending machines cost?
Vilar Vending provides all vending machines and services for free.

What types of vending machines are available?
Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola Machines. We have both bottle (20oz) and can (12oz) machines.

What do the vending machines look like?
All of our machines are provided by agreements with Coca-Cola and Pepsi Co.
They are state-of-the-art and completely covered by insurance. 

What sizes of vending machines are available?
We have both 72"H x 37"W   and   79"H  x  44"w

Do you pay commissions on profits received?
Yes, we offer a commission and would be glad to discuss with you the options.

Where should you install or place your vending machine?
The specific locations may very depending on the type of business you have, but the goal is always the same:
place the beverage machines in locations that will receive the most foot traffic and in areas that will be the most profitable.

How long does it take to install the vending machines, and what is the process?
It takes about 15 business days to have your vending machine installed and filled. A representative will meet with you and determine the best location at your business to place a vending machine.

What does a soda cost from the vending machine?
The cost of the product in the vending machines is different depending on your geographic location.
The average is usually 0.60 can and 1.00 bottle
*Vend price subject to change at customers request to increase volume sales / profit margin.

What products do you have available in the vending machines?
We offer a large variety of beverages, please refer to our products page.

How do you deal with repair and refill issues?
A variety of things can go wrong with vending machines. Vilar Vending is always prepared for the worst case scenario. We are on call to assist you and make sure your vending machines are always functioning properly. We take pro-active preventative measures to ensure that your vending machines are working year round. Any time a vending machine is broken or runs empty money revenue is being lost. That’s why it is important to have a service department that is well managed, detail oriented and willing to do the follow up necessary to correct any problems that may arise.

What if someone loses money in the vending machine?
Vilar Vending provides the Manager or office of the property with a bank for refunds.

What if my vending machine is vandalized?
Vending machine vandalism can happen and is usually a temporary situation. Choosing the best location for the vending machines can prevent vandalism. You are not responsible for vandalism, Vilar Vending has high insurance coverage for vandalism and/or injuries.

What happens if I need to move my vending machine?
In some cases, vending machines may need to be moved for building remodeling. Whatever the circumstance, we ask that you notify us of a vending machine move as soon as you can. Please contact us in advance of the date you need to have the vending machine moved. This is because we need to have the product removed before the vending machines can be moved.

How often should the vending machines be refilled?
Vending machines should always have sodas to vend. Anytime a vending machine runs empty, money is lost. Many vending companies place their vending machines on a generic refill schedule that is not adequate. The usage on every vending machine fluctuates throughout the seasons. The most important season in vending is the summer.  We cater the refill scheduling of each vending machine to meet the needs of your business.




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